The main stages of our work

How long do companies take to manage personnel? a question that any business owner should ask themselves, given that HR is a department within companies that deals with all the people who work in it. Essentially, the duties of the human resources officer are related to the entire human team of the company. Human resources are essentially real added value for companies that seek to hire the best workers for each position. the same applies to the duties of the human resources officer, which, in fact, relateto such stages as:

1. Recruitment
2. Selection
3. Hiring
4. Onboarding
5. Training
6. Promotion
7. Payroll calculation
8. Contract and layoff

Our staff

Mabel Powell
Peter Hernandez
HR manager
Pamela Stone
–°areer guidance

Below 6 rules, followed by Expert Web Work, guarantee long-term and trusting relationships with their customers and with their candidates:

We run our business with integrity, impartiality, fairness.
We do not operate simultaneously with competing companies in the same profiles and in the same search areas.
We do not formulate proposals for working with resources that we place in the client company.
All data and news about the client company and candidates received during our term are confidential and protected by professional secrecy.
"Time-money" for us, for our clients, for our candidates: therefore, we accept mandates only if we consider cooperation interesting and if we believe that we can make additional value to our interlocutors with our intervention.
We know how to say no to customer companies when we believe that the economic conditions of these prospects do not meet the expected market levels for a particular position and the skills required.

Our method Searching for Agents and Sellers

Expert Web Work is the only recruiting company to have devised and developed an effective innovative method for researching and selecting agents and sellers introduced in a specific market or sales channel.
Companies looking for good sellers are familiar with the limitations of normal staff search tools such as job ads, databases, social networks.
They are generally tools that, in addition to providing a small number of profiles in line with the job-description, do not offer sufficient guarantees on the value, on previous experiences, on the results achieved, on the emotional and behavioral aspect, on the confidence.
Instead, the Radar Method provides for a structured process of direct research that ensures a certainresult quickly.

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